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DD/DDG-712 Robert Capler SN 11/63 - 3/65 ironpivit (AT) What Great Memories
DD/DDG-712 William Dutra MM3 1952 - 1956 22 Leyden St., N. Andover, MA 01845 miss every year i spent in the navy wissh i could do it all over again same same crew
DD/DDG-712 Bob Hempler ET2 11/64 -7/68 hempler_bob (AT) Got to see the world and work with some great poeple
DD/DDG-712 Eldon Voelker BT3 1962 - 1965 veldav47 (AT)  
DD-712 Stanley Agoot RMSN 1967 to 1968 Sjagootohana (AT)  
DD-712 William Arthur S1 7/45 to 12/45 WArthur1 (AT) I was in the torpedo gang and was a gunner on a twin twenty on the fan tail. A very good ship and crew
DD-712 Leo Aubin PNASN 12/54-5/55 laub33 (AT) hug Would like to hear from anyone that was on board spring 55
DD-712 Martin Autio CS2 50-52 mautio (AT)  
DD-712 Thomas Ballew   1948-1950 lookofsky (AT) (daughter) 1735 Fisher Road, West Paducah, KY 42086
DD-712 Fred Barata FT3 9/50-4/54 dd712ddg1 (AT) Ship historian still looking for stories & photographs
DD-712 James Bartl GM3 1947-48 jebartlsr (AT) Transferred to Gyatt from Forrest Royal DD-872
DD-712 Ralph Bates MM2 1962-1965 bates_r (AT)  
DD-712 Robert W. Bedwell LCDR 1951-1953 cptbmr (AT)  
DD-712 Jim Boyce EM3 3/67-11/68 km6pt (AT) Stll what? lol
DD-712 Bob Brehm QM2 3-15-62 to 9-29-63 duxbuxresq41 (AT) Great ship
DD-712 Richard Breit BM2 1952 to 1955 r.breit (AT) Looking for shipmates-send email
DD-712 Bill Bromley SM3 1966-1967 bbromley (AT)  
DD-712 Edwin Byk SN1 7/18/45 to7/13/46 eric500 (AT) AOL.COM Passed away 3/4/74
DD-712 Peter Carofano YNSN 10/67-12/68 desron02 (AT) Great times for a 19 year old ... needed this type of growing experience...thanks all
DD-712 Charles W. Carter GM3 9/50 - 4/54 dd712ddg1 (AT) Enjoyed
DD-712 James H. Caylor GM2 11/57 - 1/60 annahojx2 (AT) Retired 1976 (GMCS) and moved to WA State.
DD-712 Donald Chulufas MM3 1950 - 1954 barbufas (AT) Would like to hear from any of my shipmates that served with me in the engine room.
DD-712 Kenneth Cloud MMFN 1964-1966 kcbc66 (AT) Great Bunch in Forward Engine Room!
DD-712 Ernest Clowes MR3 1954-1955 ejcanijc (AT)  
DD-712 Billy C. Curry SN 1953 to 1955 bccurry35 (AT)  
DD-712 John Dario SN 54-55 tincansailor (AT)  
DD-712 Ed D'Avi LT(jg) 9/67 - 10/69 egd15 (AT) Still have vivid memory of being in hurricane off Hateras...
DD-712 Lee Deaton EM1 3/61-10/63 troydeaton (AT) Served in the R Division. 843-200-6999
DD-712 Danny Deuell CS3 06/66-10/69 dannydeuell (AT) I was the senior cook when the ship was decommissioned in 1969.
DD-712 Jim Dornbirer EM3 3/53-6/55 jmjdorn (AT)  
DD-712 Robert Downer MM3 4/63-4/66 rdowner (AT)  
DD-712 William Durta MM3 1952 to 1955 tell 978 258 8391 wish i could do it all over again same ship same crew
DD-712 Robert Dutton LT(jg) 8/65-7/67 rwdutton (AT)  
DD-712 Richard Edwards HM2 1952-1953 REdwa712 (AT) Great ship with a great crew and officers.
DD-712 Karl Emrich RMC 5/67-9/69 wa4sbc (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-712 Hayden Evans MM2 1966-1967 he60096 (AT) Stopped in Panama for a while and turned back.
DD-712 Frank J. Ferry SN 10/01/52 - 10/22/52 ferrylawfirm (AT) I'd like to hear from shipmate Henry J. Farrar!
DD-712 Russ (Rusty) Filip SN 1948 to 1952 TheFlyingIrish (AT) love to hear from you/share photos/hear stories his daughter
DD-712 Paul W. Foley BM3 63 to 65 p foley (AT)  
DD-712 Willie Foster, Jr. BMSN 1968-1969 willieofosterjr (AT) A lot of work and a lot of fun in first division.
DD-712 Robert Frenger YN2 5/64 7/65 cuzziboy1 (AT) great ship great guys.
DD-712 Richard Fuller FTSN 6/55 - 8/56 linhaley (AT) Nava; shipyard Philadelphia-served aboard till ship went into Boston Shipyard to be converted to DDG-1
DD-712 William Gardner FTGSN 1962-1963 WGARDNERSR (AT) A great time with all guys in fox dv.
DD-712 Les Gleason SN 1950-1954 gleason_les (AT)  
DD-712 Tom Gray MM3 1966-1969 tomanddebbygray (AT) Great ship, great crew, lots of memories.
DD-712 Thomas Greenhill IC2 1952-1955 cgreenh965 (AT)  
DD-712 Michael Dalton Guardado SM/SN 1/67-1/69 mguardado (AT) good crew and good sea's of Cape Hattris....nice and calm ya
DD-712 Reynold Guise RM3 01/49-10/51 ragchg1968 (AT) Med and European cruises
DD-712 Arthur W. Hagstrom DC2 9/49-1/53 arthur.hagsttrom (AT) USS Gyatt took everything that Nature threw at her.
DD-712 Lawrence Haines EM3 6/45-2/46 Happycarver23 (AT) Enjoyed my tour of duty on the Gyatt, a great bunch of guys.
DD-712 Andrew Hall UNK 7/55 - 11/55 larrysumner (AT) For my dad, who passed away Feb., 2004. If u knew him email.
DD-712 Maris D. Hall EM1/C-Gy 1945 mbhall (AT) Plank owner and Neuclious Crew
DD-712 Thomas Harrington SN 1951-1952 sharrington (AT) I am son of Thomas, now deceased.
DD-712 Louis Harris WTR3 1945-1946 mackh (AT) I am Louis Harris' son, he passed away 4/19/04.
DD-712 Paul Hayden MM2 1954 PAHAYDEN65 (AT)  
DD-712 Bobby Herbert MM3 April 1967 to Oct. 1969 bobby (AT) Served in after engine room.
DD-712 Raymond Hiestand IC1 08/66 - 06/67 rh6004 (AT) Edit e-mail
DD-712 Richard Hodges EMFN 1952 - 1954 iputnam1776 (AT) I'm happy to have served on the Gyatt as a Gay man
DD-712 Herb. Hollander RD3 1949-1951 SamLola (AT)  
DD-712 Robert Howdeshell CS2 1954 largohowdy (AT)  
DD-712 William Huber BT1   bghweh (AT)  
DD-712 Dale F. Humphries RD2 1963 - Aug 1968 frosty13 (AT)  
DD-712 Thomas Humphries SO3 51-53 humphries50 (AT) was a sonarman on ship short time
DD-712 Paul J. Hutchinson SN 1945-? juliehutch1964 (AT) My dad-died 1985-love to hear from anyone who served wth him!! Especially re crossing equator & parade-thks.
DD-712 Danny Hutchison RM2 11/1962 - 8/1963 pdbhutch (AT)  
DD-712 Richard Ingalls MM2 01/63-01/66 pdgrci (AT) assigned to forward engine room
DD-712 William Robert Jackson S1/GM 1948-1949 jacksonr (AT) Listing for my father
DD-712 Hans Johnson RD2 6/49- 6/52 hanshpj (AT)  
DD-712 John W. Johnson SN 1968-to 1968 Thozkatz (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates.BM's, Snipe-types, and
DD-712 Joseph (JC) Johnson SN 1947-1948 jcpocketknife (AT) hoping to make contact with fellow shipmates
DD-712 Raymond (Bud) Kaul GM 50-54 kaul-nuernberg (AT) Helping brother find old freindsand pictures
DD-712 J. C. Kea MM1 1/65-10/69 dianekj (AT) Have decommissioning colors from ship
DD-712 Brendan Keeney BM3 10/66 - 6/68 eng305retired (AT) 1st Div.. great ship, greater crew..we were bldg.712 in Rodman....
DD-712 Gerald Keim FN 12/54 - 10/55 keimstarrman (AT)  
DD-712 Randy Key FTGSN 1968-1969 BUZSAW1005 (AT)  
DD-712 Howard King CS3/CS2 8/61 - 6/63 mohok (AT) Great Ship and Great Crew. Many found memories.
DD-712 Nicholas King CS3 10/68 to 10/69 nandmking (AT) Served with great crew,will always remember storm of 68'.Just got home from 13thReunio
DD-712 Thomas J. Kleppinger RD2 12/63 - 07/67 dres (AT) Transferred to USS Wood, DD-715
DD-712 Kurt Knower   1940s Theallknower (AT) plankowner-deceased-he spoke well of his time on the Gyatt-it was some of the best times of his life
DD-712 Norman Landis   1945 to 1946 jackiejean5 (AT) My Dad passed away April 23, 2012
DD-712 Bill Langbein RM3 10/65 to 8/67 medicore (AT)  
DD-712 Willard Linberger MM3 6/63-9/66 shendricks3 (AT) Daughter's email address.
DD-712 Richard C. (Lonnie) Lunsford RD2 1/52-4/54 rluns1 (AT) Reunion in San Antonio, TX fall of 2001! Contact Fred Barata
DD-712 Andrew Lynch EN2 1951-1955 ajlynch3rd (AT)  
DD-712 Tom Maher RM2 2/66 - 10/68 trm27 (AT) Great ship, great crew. Great duty, lots of time in the Caribbean.
DD-712 Thomas Martin LT(jg) 8/68 - Decom tfmartin66 (AT) Great crew!
DD-712 Douglas Martin GM3 1950-1954 dabomi56 (AT)  
DD-712 Milton Maupin ENS 08/54-10/55 Msmgyatt (AT) Great experience/wonderful shipmates-sorry Gyatt was decom in 1955 & was transferred to a DE-Pete Maupin
DD-712 Ed Mazzilli RD3 51-53 mazz (AT)  
DD-712 Bill McMahon ETN2 9/68 to 8/69 wemcm.1967 (AT) Got out 8/30/69 on the Gyatt-had no idea it would be struck just 2 months later and sunk in less than a yr.
DD-712 Roger McMillion GMG3 11/63-9/66 srogermc (AT) Does anyone know where the Gyatt was sank in VA. & how deep?
DD-712 Michael Meredith BTFM 1965 to 1967 leonmike (AT)  
DD-712 Arnold Metdepenningen GMM2 1/53-6/55 ajmet (AT)  
DD-712 Richard Metzger QM3 9/45 -3/46 madmetz (AT) Caribbean shake down cruise (son)
DD-712 Don Mitchell RM2 1968-2/69 donmitchell21 (AT) Was the only Radioman on board when in the WASHDC Navy Yard
DD-712 Roland Mizell SN1 7/45-6/46 jhunskieme (AT) Daddy passed 3/5/1960;would like to hear from shipmates/daughter
DD-712 Sean Murphy SFM3 3/67 - 10/69 hungtong (AT) If the hungtong don't work use Ahungtong (AT)
DD-712 Joseph Muscente RM3 3/64 to 9/64 muscentejb (AT) Unforgettable experience
DD-712 Paul Newbert SK1 1967 - 1968 pnewbert (AT)  
DD-712 William (Don) Patterson RD3 1964-1966 donpatt (AT)  
DD-712 William W. Pestridge, Jr. GMG3 1968 - 1969 sawdust48 (AT) Had some good times !
DD-712 Joseph Poorman   1951-1954 Steinway55c (AT) My dad served on USS gyatt If you have regards please respond
DD-712 Raymond Rakes SN 1953 to 1954 6914 Salem Hwy, Stuart, VA 24171  
DD-712 Robert Riddle BM3 1966 to 1968 Bojak712 (AT) Had a lot of great memories with some great guys
DD-712 Jesse Leon Robinson ETN3 11/65-6/67 leon-robinson (AT) Hope to make the next reunion.
DD-712 Charles Roggenkamp EM3 1966-1968 Vettesix8 (AT) I am already listed but would like to change my E-mail address.
DD-712 Larry Scallons RD2 1947 to 1949 lscallons (AT) 47, Med. and 49 N European cruises. Saw a lot of the world aboard
DD-712 Herbert Schubarth ET1 1947 to 1948 18cimba9 (AT) Was 19yrs old when advanced from ET2 to ET1
DD-712 William (Fritz) Sells RD3 5/49-8/52 sellsbb (AT)  
DD-712 Robert P. Small MM2 12/51-6/52 VGE37 (AT) 1ST.NET  
DD-712 James Bruce Smith SN3 7/64-7/66 Dollwizz (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates or any information.
DD-712 William (Bill) (Smitty) Smith BM3 1967-1969 booger74458 (AT)  
DD-712 Allen D. Snyder MM2 4/56 - 12/57 amplanner (AT) I was in 'A' gang and responsible for the ships' HVAC system
DD-712 Leroy Staib MM3 5/49-10/52 staibleroy (AT) served in forward engine room.
DD-712 Vincent Stanley, Jr. SN 7/26/67-9/30/67 skip9441 (AT) hotmail'com Onboard for 2 mos (35 days pierside in Panama-she broke down)-had to be relieved by Mullinnix Unitas VIII cruise.
DD-712 Dennis Sundin FTG2 10/66 - 2/68 to bad we didn't finish the unitas cruise
DD-712 Dennis Sutton ET2 1966-1969 sutton57 (AT)  
DD-712 Frederick Swartz IC3 02/67 to 05/68 fswartz (AT)  
DD-712 Don Sweeney BT3 67-69 dsweeney62 (AT)  
DD-712 John F. Taylor, III EMFN 66-67 jftiii (AT)  
DD-712 George Thacker SO3 1950-53 glo221 (AT)  
DD-712 Charles Thomason STG2 1966 to 1969 30tudor (AT) really good times onboard...a good place to grow up.
DD-712 Stuart Timblin MR2   timblins (AT) George Timblin was a welder on this ship in 1945. Do you know
DD-712 Jerry Timmins HM3 64 & 65 jt1pointnorth6443 (AT) San Juan Puerto Rico Oct 64. UFO incident while tracking an F8C 250 miles out of Puerto Rico November 20, 1964.
DD-712 Donald Trees SO2   dtrees (AT) I served right before it went into Boston for update to the DDG=1 classification.
DD-712 Ted Trella MM3 12/49-8/50 TRELLATW (AT) Phn.860-589-0837 Worked in fwd. engine room. Need call back
DD-712 Wayne Trickett FN 68-69 trickett (AT) Enjoyed every minute-great crew,chow & friends-big storm in atlantic-my story of it:
DD-712 Gerald Trimmins HM3 07/64 - 07/65 jt1pointnorth (AT) Worked sick bay and the Radar tracking room during deployment. UFO Tracked off San JuanPuerto Rico. Would like to contact HM1 Bobby cook.
DD-712 William Tuttle GMG3 6/66-6/68 bonbill_tutt (AT)  
DD-712 John Vermersch ETR2 Sep 66 - Sep 69 javerme (AT)  
DD-712 Joe Viafora MM3 09/65-12/67 Dubby22 (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew
DD-712 Francis Way E-4 1/64 - 09/66 way.francis (AT)  
DD-712 John Young PNSA 4/55-10/55 whalersailor (AT)  
DD-712 Henry J. Zucker ST 45-46 dmavens (AT) Part of the crew from the beginning until 1946.
DD-712/DDG-1 Frederick (Fritz) Heiler     fidldd (AT) looking for someone who knew him
DD-712/DDG-1 Frank Jenkins YN3 8/62-8/65 annjess1 (AT) Great 3 yrs onboard-met many nice folks-had a blast on liberty-remember many cruises to P.R. Cuba. Jamaica etc.
DD-712/DDG-1 Thomas Lavender RD1 3/58 1261 tomlav (AT) went to sea DD712 on one side DDG! on the other side.
DD-712/DDG-1 James Murphy FTG3 1961-1964 meandmyindigo (AT) Deceased. Died 7/31/10. Daughter's email.
DD-712/DDG-1 Tony Picaroni GMM2 11/55-9/58 picaroni (AT) Plankowner DDG-1 like to hear from the Missile & Gun gang
DD-712/DDG-1 Raymond Ramelli E-5 1961-64 rrnorthstar (AT) great times great crew
DD-712/DDG-1 Floyd N. Slocum BT2 1958 1959 slocum150 (AT) Pre Com Bunch 2.6
DD-712-DDG-1 Frank Jenkins YN3 1962-1965 annjess1 (AT) Great ship, great crew. Young and crazy times.
DD-712-DDG-1 Lewis Loe MM3 10/56-12/59 loeski (AT) Worked in after engine room. Good memories. Looking for shipmate Monte Willis
DDG-1 Ranny F. Ankerich BT2 11/59 - 12/62 rankerich (AT) Forward fire room. Good people good ports, good times.
DDG-1 Charles Bowden SN 8/59 - 10/60 dotwcab (AT) great time in the Med - 1960
DDG-1 Robert Breese END2 12/56 - 6/58 robree1 (AT) I have great memories serving aboard the Gyatt
DDG-1 Dick Brien MT2 59/61 brienr (AT)  
DDG-1 Tom Cahill FN 10/60-9/62 tkcahill3045 (AT) Seventeen and did'nt have a clue, but I had fun.
DDG-1 Paul Campana EN3 1961 sonny856 (AT) anyone sj nj email me or rides a motor cycle
DDG-1 N. W. Carey EM3 1-60 to 9-60 nwcarey (AT) One Med. Cruise
DDG-1 Jim Carten SN 1957 to 1959 j.carten (AT)  
DDG-1 Ernest Lee Deaton EM1 3/61 to 11/63 eleedeaton (AT) like to hear from anyone that was aboard at that time
DDG-1 Ervin Duncan SN 4/59-2/61 enduncan (AT)  
DDG-1 John Evans BMSN 10/58-9/60 jevans (AT) Great Ship Great guys Great Sailing
DDG-1 Gary Forsyth FN 1960 to 1961 gwf4syth (AT)  
DDG-1 Robert Gault MTSN 6/1962-10/1962 huffer1968 (AT) Terribly hot summer as scullery captain
DDG-1 Kenneth Gorbey SN 1959-1960 gorbeygyatt (AT) wishing to know where the gyatt is and the next port reunion
DDG-1 Thomas Hanley LT(jg) 1959-1962 hanleytj (AT) God Bless all who sailed in her
DDG-1 Robert Hinson SN 1961 - 1962 hinsonro (AT) I still think of all my shipmates.
DDG-1 Dan Hutchison RM2 1960-1963 pdbhutch (AT) John W. Johnson your Email address is nondeliverable
DDG-1 James Johanson 3/c 1962 to 8/62 Jjohan41 (AT) was an electrician on ship
DDG-1 Paul Jones GMG3 6/59-3/62 oscarandsusieq (AT) good experience great shipmates
DDG-1 Nick Karas SN Aug58-May61 MKagle (AT)  
DDG-1 Howard King CS2 1961 to 1963 mohok2 (AT) Took the 52 degree roll that LTJG Lippencott refered to.
DDG-1 Bill Knight IC3   123secwind (AT) Looking for Al Harbsion
DDG-1 Robert Kubilius BT2 3/3/62 to 9/11/64 boiler_bob (AT)  
DDG-1 Frank Latin SHSN 4/61 to 5/62 2.bfrank (AT)  
DDG-1 Jim Laughrea FTSN 6/57 - 6/59 jimlaughrea (AT) Love to hear from anyone that remembers me from those days.
DDG-1 Tony Leonardi FN 1958-60 tony (AT)  
DDG-1 David Lippincott LT(jg) 1960-1961 lppnctt (AT) Took a 52 degree roll in Atlantic storm with stabilizers!
DDG-1 Frederick Mason MM3 7/57-9/60 felix39 (AT) I was standing on the port bulkhead in the 52 degree roll
DDG-1 Paul Matherne RD3 1962 prmatherne (AT) transfered from uss cone. released from active duty sept. 1962 in charleston s.c.
DDG-1 Larry Morrell SK3 60 - 61 Noclassever (AT) Great shipmates
DDG-1 Jim Neighbors SM2 56-60 jimneighbors (AT) Great ship- holds a ton of memories-spent 20 yrs-ret as SMCS in 77-Charleston,SC was the best homeport
DDG-1 Harold Newton BT2 11/59-9/60 hnwn&  
DDG-1 William Pitz QMC 1956 - 1958 rick (AT) Rick Pitz for my father. If you knew him, please contact me
DDG-1 Robert Pridmore BM3 1959 to 1963 bpridmore (AT) Grand Ship - Great Crew
DDG-1 Robert Randall MM3 1956-1959 bobran1273 (AT) Plank owner-Water King- Great Ship and Crew
DDG-1 Winfield Scott ET2 12/59-06/62 WYNDYII (AT) Great crew and great ship
DDG-1 Thomas Sellmer FN 1957-1958 tsellmersr (AT) part of after fireroom crew
DDG-1 Leonard Snellman ETN3 1959 to 1961 lsnellman (AT) verizon net Great Memories
DDG-1 Stephen Snyder LT 7/59-6/52 nansteve13 (AT) DCA, MPA, then Engineer Officer
DDG-1 Earl J. Strayhorn FTG3 04/59-02/61 strayhorn (AT)  
DDG-1 David Taub CS3 1959 - 1963 Grumppop1943 (AT) Great Ship and a great Mediterranean Cruise 1961-1962
DDG-1 Bruce Taylor ET2 1957-1960 taylb (AT) Quite an experience
DDG-1 Mickey Tolleson RD2 1959 to 1962 mickeyandcc (AT) Great ship, great shipmates, great memories,
DDG-1 Jerry Van Ness ET2 5/57 - 9/59 jwvanness (AT) Aka...Van
DDG-1 James Van Norwick FTG3 6/58-10/59 jvannor10 (AT)  
DDG-1 Rodney F. Walters STG2 07/61 to 03/64 fepivot (AT) great skip,great crew,great med cruise
DDG-1 Tom Ward RADM 8/58 - 10/60 wardtp (AT) Many fond memories of a great ship and crew- Remember Capt C
DDG-1 John Webb BT2 1959 to 1961 jrwebb57 (AT) Assigned to afterfire room.Served as MAA and Oilking
DDG-1 John White RM3 12/57-1/60 westholm (AT) Iwonder what has happened to all the crew?
DDG-1/DD-712 James Bowers PN3 7/62-1/65 boweersfh (AT) Wonderful experience/great crew-couldn't ask for it to be any better-good luck to all that served onboard-God Bless.
DDG-1/DD-712 Howard Breeding RM2 10/60-10/63 stanrmc (AT) What a three years
DDG-1/DD-712 Robert Brehm QM2 03/62 to 09/63 duxbux1194 (AT) Please take out other listings on this page
DDG-1/DD-712 Al D'Amato STG2 1961-1963 adamato46 (AT) Good ship;Good crew;Good times!
DDG-1/DD-712 Steven Fogle BT2 8/60 - 5/63 sgf9791 (AT) Great ship, great crew, good friends and memories.
DDG-1/DD-712 Oba Henson E-3 1969-1962 ka5oln (AT) Was on duty at the time LT.JG.LiPPINCOTT when 52%roll happin
DDG-1/DD-712 Paul Layfield MM3 09/62 - 02/66 pklayfield (AT)  
DDG-1/DD-712 James Murphy FTM3 1961-1964 jdmerf (AT)  
DDG-1/DD-712 Anthony Picaroni GMM2   picaroni (AT)  
DDG-1/DD-712 Rodney Walters STG2 1961-1964 dwalters24 (AT) great med cruise
DDG-1/DD-712 Don Wray FTG3 7/62-3/64 dewray (AT) The Caribbean was great !
DDG-1/DD-721 James H. Caylor GM2 11/57 - 1/60 annahojx2 (AT) Retired April 1976 - GMCS
DDG-1/FF-712 Charles Strahler RD2 11/58-10/62 how78how (AT)  
DDG-17/DD-712 Robert Brehm QM2 1962-1963 duxbux (AT)  
DDG-17/DD-712 Peter Quigley FTG/M3 2/62-4/63 petequig (AT)  
DDG-712/DDG-1 Woodrow Gray FT2 12/56 - 8/58 leoman (AT) Many memories.

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