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  Mario ''Spin'' Spinelli IC2 9/54 - 8/56 annieluvsmpk (AT) Great memories! Would really like to hear from Ronald Butterball Benoit Fire Control Tech.
DD/DDE-450 Orvil Anderson   mid-late 60's craiganderson77 (AT) Orvil passed away, but his sons would be very interested in anything you may know
DD/DDE-450 J. R. Baldwin ET3 1962 to 1964 baldwinjr (AT) Lots of good memorys
DD/DDE-450 Joe Barget MM3 1957-1960 joe1065 (AT)  
DD/DDE-450 Dave Boykin BT1 1964-1968 dave.aboykin (AT) I signed in a long time ago. look for any members that remember me
DD/DDE-450 Herbert Graver SM1 1943 -45 cbsmith (AT) Herbert has no e-mail address , but can be reached at the above address . I will forward the message ......thanks
DD/DDE-450 John Heilmann RM3 2/68-1/70 johnboyheilman (AT) Like to hear from old gang especially radio and signals westpac 68 and 69 Korean adventure & Yankee station.
DD/DDE-450 Harry Hengstler   43-46 Bwatson (AT) I am Harry's son-in-law. I will get to him any messages from those he served with during WW ll.
DD/DDE-450 William (Bill) McFarling unknown WWII wmcfarling3344 (AT) (915) 255-7370 My dad served onboard in the solomon islands (WWII)-looking for info about both his shipmates and service.
DD/DDE-450 William Melton 3/c 1952 to 1955 sherlook (AT)  
DD/DDE-450 Fred Moore SN1 5/65 capt602 (AT)  
DD/DDE-450 Charles Nielsen BT1 9\54 to 5/58 chucknielsen (AT)  
DD/DDE-450 Sidney Pleasant SA 1954 pleasants2000 (AT) iwas didcharged in 19557also served on the Phillip498
DD/DDE-450 Ralph Roach SM3 1954-1957 rwr6836 (AT) (2014) Presently Secretary of O'Bannon Shipmates Ass'n. Great Duty!!
DD/DDE-450 Paul Townsend RM1 4/66-11/68 paulocds (AT) great ship,old but working better than some new ones-great crew-tolerant of no fresh water,CDR & exec officer.
DD450 Richard Giovannini FTG2 1964 to 1966 giotz (AT) two west pac tours
DD450 Ernie Vela BM3 10/64 - 9/66 ernievme (AT) Great memories - enjoyed the time immensely
DD-450 Gene Ackerman RD2 5/65-4/68 geneackerman (AT)  
DD-450 Bill Acree SA 5/62-8/62 chefacree (AT) July 62-part of perimeter of ships to keep small craft out of the area of atomic bomb blast.
DD-450 Gary Altig RM3 01/67-01/69 gary (AT) Pearl, Guam, Gulf of Tonkin, Pueblo Recovery Task Force
DD-450 Aurelio Andy Andrade GMG3 1/62 1/65 andysolds (AT) Waiting to hear from one and all
DD-450 Pedro (Pete) Badua ETR2 1968-1970 pbadua (AT) It was a great experience for my first duty station after being kicked out off Nuke School.
DD-450 Roger Baker STG3/E-4 65 - 68 roger373 (AT) Found A.O. Haynie, Richard Wendzel, Ted Crawford
DD-450 Larry Bales MM1 1960 to 1962 mtntop9 (AT) Most of us could still Lite off the after engine room.
DD-450 Jack Barley MR1 1965-1967 jackba.geo (AT)  
DD-450 Ronnie Barnes BM3 11/65 genesislegalsrvc (AT) Good old days loved Captain John Wells great Captain
DD-450 Jim Barsanti E-3 8/68 -2/70 BARSFOUR (AT) good time on ship. does amy one know were we were when fishing net got in are scews.
DD-450 Ron Bay QM2 10/67 to 06/68 pearl6377 (AT) Not the best I was on, but some good times-glad to leave in '68 for shore duty-did 30+ years as a QMCM (SW)
DD-450 Harry Bayles BM26 6/42-12/45 Deceased Died--2006
DD-450 Silas Beatty SFP3 6/64-9/66 swbeatty2 (AT)  
DD-450 Bill Beatty SFP3 6/64 to 9/66 swbeatty (AT) Transferred abourd as EW3 from USS Power DD-839
DD-450 Dick ''Frenchy'' Beaumier E-2 1969 frenchyvanman (AT) looking for first division gang: Lenny, Joe, Jack, Paul....
DD-450 Charles Bicking BT3 5/61-5/63 cbicking (AT) Looking for Robert E. Lee Baker BT2 and old shipmates
DD-450 Neil Blank SN 9/64-9/66 neilgblank (AT)  
DD-450 Paul Bodden FTG3 1964-1968 paulebodden (AT) Any Fire Control Technition Guns 3rd class out there or any Gunner Mates 3rd class that fought during 1964-1968 email me!
DD-450 Harvey Boucher CPO 5/53 - 7/54 kennyplunkett (AT)  
DD-450 Dave Boykin BT1 5/60-1/69 dave.aboykin (AT) Looking for former shipmates. 423-707-0014.Retired-my wife & I live at 4509 matilda Pl,Kingsport,TN
DD-450 Mike Briggs RM3 4/69 - 1/70 (AT) Came on at Treasure Island. Last West Pac Cruise/Yokosuka,Sasebo,Korean Sea/
DD-450 Michael Brothers STG2 1966 to 1969 breaux2 (AT) I'd like to contact my shipmates if possible.
DD-450 Keith Buckley BT2 01/64 -12/67 buckley879 (AT) 661 945 1532
DD-450 Richard Burdette YN3 1968-1969 cpoburdette (AT) Fine ship, remember my small work area in Fox'' country. Give me an email if you like hope everyone is doing well as you want.
DD-450 Rufus Burges LT(jg) 12/62-6/64 burgesrt (AT)  
DD-450 John H. Burris Jr. (Skip) EM2 1967-1970 lizskp (AT)  
DD-450 John H. (Skip) Burris, Jr. EM2 9/67 to 1/70 lizskp1 (AT)  
DD-450 James Cahal PN2 2/68 to 1969 JCahal (AT) I am still cold, wet and damp
DD-450 George Cancro BT2 1962-1963 BTOWNSEC99 (AT) Did we make it in ????
DD-450 Louie Castillo, Jr. EM3 1966 to 1968 louiethephotoguy (AT) Vietnam Combat on a highly decorated ship. Can Do!
DD-450 Richard Christ EM3 12/65 10/66 plumber (AT) looking for Craig Wright ''ec'' wright-joe godfrey call me
DD-450 Bill Clooney MMCS 1967 to 1968 clolauff (AT) Great Reunions
DD-450 Rich Colburn EM3 63-65 mrcoffeejava (AT) Great memories. Looking for a fellow shipmates known as ''Benny'' Benevidez
DD-450 Bob Crocker BT3 7/69-1/70 rcrocker (AT) On board for decom in Pearl Harbor, then to CG-11. Good ship, good crew.
DD-450 Gene Currie IC3 64-66 gcurrie (AT) Loved the OB!!
DD-450 Jean Daly LT(jg) 7/43 trpr8899 (AT) My father-died 8/90-torpedoed off of the USS Deimos (Coral Sea) 7/43-O'Bannon picked him up-son Patrick
DD-450 Sam D'Ambrosio   10/43 - 02/46 tellicod (AT) any one remember sam?
DD-450 Robert Daugherty MM2 10/65 - 5/69 rdaugherty (AT)  
DD-450 Floyd de Vegter (Deceased) COX 1942-1946 susan_devegter (AT) Editing my Uncle's manuscript of the Naval battles in WWll
DD-450 Wes Delprete TM3 1967-1969 rstone47 (AT) pearl harbor,guam,subic,japan,pueblo(korea),san francisco!
DD-450 William (Bill) Denton BTC 1960-61 ng6z (AT)  
DD-450 Marlyn Doppelhammer LT(jg) 4/63 - 11/65 marthel (AT)  
DD-450 Art Eade F1 1945 thru 46 MAEade (AT)  
DD-450 Larry Farr FTG2 1967 1968 1969 larrirma (AT)  
DD-450 Ed Fell STG3 1963 to 1966 efell (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
DD-450 Rodney Fisher E-4 1967-1969 theoldfisherhomestead (AT) Looking for Louis Russimano, Tim and Don Ryeson
DD-450 Ralph Fitzgerald BM3 2/64 - 9/66 rarlfitz (AT) Looking for any of my shipmates.
DD-450 Carl M. Flowe BM3 1/68-1/70 mflowe3333 (AT) I was on the bridge when we took that 52 degree roll coming back from Japan. Something you never forget.
DD-450 Robert (Bob) Foster EM3 3/62-9/64 Ginpudge (AT) update my rate and rank, looking for electricians, west pac cruise 1963, great guys and friends
DD-450 Tom Francoeur RD3 68+69 s.satchmo (AT) Pueblo recovery action subic sasebo hong kong singapore
DD-450 John Fritz MM2 1966-1968 racingf1 (AT)  
DD-450 John Gaffrey RM2 9/60 - 12/63 jrgaffrey (AT) 2 Westpac cruises, Operation Dominic
DD-450 Loren Gentry SN 10/64-8/67 labcat (AT) Had the time of my life
DD-450 Rich Giovannini FTG2 64-65 -66 giotz (AT)  
DD-450 Trav Goldsworthy ST/E-3 10/64 11/65 tgoldsworyhy63 (AT) looking for cruise book for 65 westpack
DD-450 John Goodes SFP3 11/66-11/68 jnnybgoode (AT) The Niffty but Thrifty Fighten 450, She was the Greatest TIN CAN afloat. Can Do
DD-450 Gary Grayson E-4 1967-69 grayson1 (AT) best years of my life
DD-450 Marshall Green GMGSN 1968-1970 (AT)  
DD-450 Dennis Grossman GMG2 1/62 to 8/65 damfl43 (AT) Like to hear from anyone from 2nd and fox div.
DD-450 Clifford Grothe MM2 43-45 thmgroth (AT) Father
DD-450 Larry Gruenberg CS 69-70 exptoy (AT) Remember turning back to Japan, after get hit by that wave, on the way home?
DD-450 Dominic Guastella   1942-1945 dralloc2011 (AT) My grandfather-died in 2010 at 91-I'm proud of his service-any shipmates that remember Dom, please respond.
DD-450 Chester Gumber BTFN 1965-1967 buck1947.1 (AT) I really miss the old girl
DD-450 Jimmie Hall RD3 68-69 Dalgast (AT) On board at time of the decommissioning in Pearl Harbor
DD-450 Richard Hall FC1 42-45 unionfireeq (AT) I am 81 yrs old - would like to hear from my old ship mates
DD-450 Richard Hall, Jr. FC3 6/42 to 8/45 unionfireeq (AT) Not many of us left- would enjoy hearing from any of my old shipmates 1942-1945
DD-450 Gary Handley MM2 1964 to 1967 gryhn (AT)  
DD-450 Jeff Haney ETN2 1967-1970 Wiskeyhotel (AT) it has been to long
DD-450 Thomas Hanley MM3 5/66 to 4/69 thandly (AT)  
DD-450 William Harmon LT(jg) 3/61-12/63 wharmon03 (AT)  
DD-450 Harry Harris SN 42-46 cliffords65 (AT) This is my father who died in 1993. He was a cook and 20MM gunner.
DD-450 Mike Haynes EM2 1967-1969 murphy008 (AT)  
DD-450 Delven Hays DC3 1965 to 1967 jqadams (AT) Can some one verify for me the time spent in the delta and on the Sigon River? Any help appreciated.
DD-450 Gene Henson EM3 63-66 kghenson (AT)  
DD-450 Ernest Herr RM1 2/42 to 1944 ea_herr (AT) Forever proud to have been aboard.
DD-450 Robert Herthel EM3 Nov 67 to 1970 rherthel (AT) Would like to talk to any old shipmates
DD-450 Ronald Hilby QMSN 1951-1953 Korpath (AT) this is my father who is deceased(1969)
DD-450 Roy Iltis BT3 1961-63 iltisroy (AT) it's been a long time, give me a call. 1 281 471 6160. listed on 8/20/12.
DD-450 Buddy Jackson MM2 1965 to 1969 jackgerdsbuddy33 (AT) I would like to hear from any of the Engineering Rooms (forward or aft)
DD-450 William Jones RD2 1952-1955 wjones (AT)  
DD-450 Frank Jordan ETR2 1966 - 1970 fjordan (AT) give me a e-mail
DD-450 Clifford Kennedy GMG1 1959 - 1963 clandbjk (AT) Crossed equator twice on the way to Australia
DD-450 Stanley Klukan F1 11/43 - 3/46 sklukan (AT) sbcglobal .net would like to hear from anybody that served 43 46
DD-450 Al Lamb MR3 9/68-1/70 ALUSNAVYVET (AT) WestPac 69-70
DD-450 Walter (Chick) Larsen SC1 6/42-11-43 gare5150 (AT) original crew member of ships 1st voyage
DD-450 Earle Layser RD2, P1 1958-1960 elayser (AT) Pearl Harbor and WestPac
DD-450 Harry Lee ETN2 7/65 - 9/67 h_i_lee (AT)  
DD-450 James E. Leeds S1 12/43-3/46 leeds2001 (AT) I would like to hear from anyone that served during this time
DD-450 William Glenn Lewis S1 1/44 - 10/46 watsonjackjr (AT) Contacts will be relayed
DD-450 Alfred Lindsey SN1 42-45 skynyrd425 (AT) I am Alfreds son he is deceased.I am very proud of my fathers service.
DD-450 Martin Lopez TM3 1964 to 1968 martlo5 (AT)  
DD-450 Ramon Lopez, III SN 1961 to 1964 RAMONIIS (AT)  
DD-450 Michael Loveless BT2 1964-1965 cindymike6 (AT)  
DD-450 Clyde MacKenzie F1 12/45 - 5/46 c.mackenzie (AT) Joined ship at Hunter's Point in Frisco. Sailed to SD-mothball in pr for decom-trans to USS Kidd (DD-661).
DD-450 Michael Magruder SM3 10/64-8/66 magruder_d (AT) I would like to hear from anyone abd the O'B from any years!
DD-450 William Mahan GMG3 11/65-12/67 billmahan (AT) Would love to see pictures.
DD-450 Thomas Mahoney EM1 1/43 - 10/46 (last man off) mah21 (AT) My enlistment was up Sept. 46 reg Navy
DD-450 Charles McAllister EM3/E-4 1967-1968 cmcallister (AT) I joined the USS O'Bannon DD-450 in the Philippians at Subic Bay just as it come out of Vietnam 1967.
DD-450 Harold E. McCaughey SO3 12/50-12/53 SANMAC77 (AT) CS.Com Was In The Sonar Gang
DD-450 Tom McClusky SM 1969 to 1970 pirofyter (AT) Went aboard as deck ape. Radio Gang rescued me. Thanks guys!
DD-450 Cornelius McDowell BM3 11/65 - 5/69 cm960 (AT) Looking for any shipmates-please feel free to email.
DD-450 Riordan Mike EM3 63 to 65 riordan (AT)  
DD-450 Jack W. Miller EM1 10/60 - 8/65 moc105 (AT)  
DD-450 Skip Mimbs BT3 1967 to 1970 sharonmimbs (AT)  
DD-450 Anthony Monteleone EN3 7/67-3/69 kuwaittony (AT)  
DD-450 Fred Moore SN 1965-1967 capt602 (AT) Like to find the shipmate from ''Back Bone Rock Tn''
DD-450 Dave Mullen MM3 1/67 - 10/68 mulled01 (AT) It would be great to hear from anyone.
DD-450 Edward Nikolaison ETN3 1964 to 1966 fireman c2 (AT) the o'b can do
DD-450 W.E. (Bill) Northrup RM3 1969 logmgmt (AT)  
DD-450 Martin Oakley   1952-1953 frogpondfarm (AT) Looking for shipmates, especially Jessie Ruff
DD-450 Ezell Olivares IC2 11/66 - 01/70 eolivares4 (AT) Would love to hear from other shipmates.
DD-450 Steve Parker YN3 1/67-11/68 sparker (AT)  
DD-450 William Perkins RM1 12/68 - 01/70 babp (AT) The O'Bannon was the best tin-can with the best crew I ever
DD-450 Robert Persinger BT1 1943-1945 plpersinger (AT)  
DD-450 John Peterson SM3 68-70 jppeterson (AT) Learned all about Signaling!!
DD-450 Robert (Bo) Poirier BT3 6/66-9/69 riflepoirier (AT)  
DD-450 Jewel (the kid) Pollick SN 1942 to 1945 WWII pollick2 (AT) My grandfather-enlisted at 15-told of having bull rope tied around him/jumping off side to rescue downed pilots
DD-450 Gregory Poole QM2 12/65 - 12/69 gap1965 (AT)  
DD-450 Marty Powell SM3 1966-1969 mmpowell (AT) like to find: SM Wilson, QM Poole, RD Murakami
DD-450 Clytis Primeau RM2 1964 to 1965 cprimeau71 (AT) Lets hear from some shipmates
DD-450 Jack Purdie SN 8/65-8/66 purdiepi (AT)  
DD-450 Richard Rarick MM3 1967to 1969 angler46324 (AT)  
DD-450 Richard (Rick) Rausch BM2 11/65-11/67 pitdog (AT) retired in 1982 as bmcs
DD-450 Russell Ray BM3 1963-1966 43rr1507 (AT)  
DD-450 Gary Rice FTG2 1963 -1966 garyrice (AT)  
DD-450 Dennis Rigsby STG3 9/69 thru 1/70 DHRIGSBY (AT) Aboard during last cruise & decommissioning
DD-450 Mike Riordan EM3 1963 to 1965 riordan (AT)  
DD-450 Jim Rogers SK3 1958 to 1962 buckrogers40 (AT) Great shipmate were Ken Hew, Bob Norton, Red Crabtree, Gary Rogers and Big Al Olsen.
DD-450 Florencio Salas BT/FN 1965 to 1967 fdsalas (AT) worked in after fire room with buckly,ashbrook,
DD-450 Wayne Sample CS4 1962-1965 LHK (AT) Would like to hear from any old shipmates. Nickname was Sam
DD-450 Kenneth Schwarzkopf PO3 1962 to 1966 bjind42 (AT)  
DD-450 William Scott RD2 1966 to 1968 captainbillscott (AT) Where is Pappy?
DD-450 Mike Seymour BT/FN 1965 to 1967 msey198 (AT) Still think about the OB. Wish I was that young again.
DD-450 Don Sharp MM3 1954-1958 DEBORAHSHOOTER1 (AT)  
DD-450 Edgar Shaw MM1 02/63-06/67 wayne (AT)  
DD-450 Richard Shivley MM2 3/45-10/46 canadeo1313 (AT)  
DD-450 Richard Shivley, Sr. MM2/C 3/18/45-5/21/46 shivleysr (AT)  
DD-450 James Sinclair EN3 1965-1969 Sinniejimbo (AT)  
DD-450 Steve Singer FTG2 8/67-1/70 papachev2 (AT)  
DD-450 Pat Sinnott   6/68 - 7/69 preacherpat (AT)  
DD-450 Ed Smith BT2 1966 to 1969 smithe (AT) Sometimes think about the old boat and the forward fireroom
DD-450 John (Jack) Spittler LT 43-45 at various times Rmath1925 (AT) Staff ComDesRon 21
DD-450 J.R. Starnader MM1 1958-1961 jwdajm (AT) First EW assign onboard, transfered to USS Farraut DLG-6
DD-450 Larry Stegall EN3 1969 to decom larrystegall (AT)  
DD-450 John (Stoney) Stollenwerk STG3 12/66-7/68 pikecty (AT)  
DD-450 Frank Sublett RMSN June 1960-May 1963 franksublett (AT)  
DD-450 David Sullivan SN 65-67 dsullivan60 (AT)  
DD-450 Bill Swisher SFP2 6/64-6/66 Swish8280 (AT) like to hear from anyone that are still upright !!!
DD-450 Dennis Tackett RD2 1958-1962 dltack (AT) Involved in Hydrogen Bomb Testing
DD-450 Robert Thornhill RM2 4/62-12/65 hardtimes7 (AT) two westpac cruises in on the apollo capsule recoveries
DD-450 Jack Trammell BM3 1964 - 1965 jaxsterman43 (AT)  
DD-450 Thomas Treise EM3 1958-1959 tom.treise (AT)  
DD-450 Stan Trela RM2 6/65-9/68 strela (AT) Pearl, Nam, Japan, Guam, Phillipines, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
DD-450 Stan Trela, Jr. RM2 7/1965 to 9/1968 strela (AT)  
DD-450 Bruce Tupper LT(jg) 1960 - 1962 bctupper2 (AT) VP of OBannon Shipmates Assn (2014). POC for new Membership DD 450, DD 987.
DD-450 James Verhoeven LT(jg) 06/63-06/65 mkh53 (AT)  
DD-450 Dennis Vice QM2 12/66 TO 12/69 DENNIS (AT) I am vice president of O'Bannon Shipmates Association.
DD-450 Gabriel Vigil GMG3 64-66 gabev58 (AT) need info on typhoon in sea of japan
DD-450 Charles A. Waggett SO2 1951-1953 fredleo1 (AT) Died 12-28-2005. Data submitted by his brother
DD-450 David Wallace FTG3 1/64 to 12/66 mbarw (AT) Eager to hear from any of the crew. Wally
DD-450 Rex Wellman SO1 1962-1966 wellr (AT)  
DD-450 H. Edward Whitby   1942-1945 nanrw (AT)  
DD-450 Leroy Whitt F1 1945 radie (AT) Aboard during japans surrender. fellow shipmates please call if you can. 936-295-2719
DD-450 Kenneth M. Williams LT(jg) 1955-1958 kenwilliams (AT) Engineer Officer
DD-450 Gary Wilson FTG2 1966-1968 gswilson (AT)  
DD-450 Robert Wright MMC 2/42 - 9/45 bw.jw (AT) (son) Corrected initial listing service dates.
DD-450 Craig Wright EM3 1965-1967 craig.wright (AT) Nam, Subic, Taiwan,HongKong,-out 09/67
DD-450 Angelo A. Zanghi   10/42-10/43 pmdmaz (AT) Served in the Solomon Islands Campaign.
DD-450 Ed Zimmerer MM3 1962-1964 pezim (AT)  
DD-450/DD-987 William Jones RD2 1952-1955 wjones-1 (AT) Looking for members to join O'Bannon Shipmates Association.
DD-987 Irby Atkinson EW1 10/79-12/83 aka-irby (AT) trying to contact plankowners
DD-987 Chad Aylesworth FC2 1996 to 2000 rustic_comfort (AT) 86 tech
DD-987 Keith Bates LT 1983-1984 Friend1957 (AT) It was a pleasure and a honor serving with you all
DD-987 Marina Bates STG2 (STG1 Now) 01/02 - 01/04 navychick (AT) I miss the old girl.. she was a great ship.. with a fun crew
DD-987 Larry (Rob) Beatty STG3 1986-1988 rb772 (AT) I do remember Bahrain, Persian Gulf and Gibraltar. Rob Koehler or Bruce Clark you out there.
DD-987 Adam Beherns DC2 1998-2003 dcontrol5 (AT) Good times.
DD-987 Leslie Binon E-3 2000-2002 lbeherns (AT) memories
DD-987 Mike Blond GSE1(SW) 1990-1993 mblond (AT)  
DD-987 Tim Boutilette GSM3 precom 79-1984 CaptainRescueOne (AT) PLANK OWNER
DD-987 Michael Buckley STGC 11/79-8/82 fxsts97 (AT)  
DD-987 Scott Burchard GMCM 2002-2005 s.burchard (AT)  
DD-987 Creginald Carithers BMSN 10/89-12/94 carithersandre (AT) like to hear from some old shipmates ,deck dept
DD-987 Michael Casey EM3   clekim6 (AT) Precom. crew, Mississippi was a trip. This was a lifelong memorable experience
DD-987 Ken Charbonneau FC1 May 85 through Oct 89 jaja65 (AT) Sparrow Tech
DD-987 Chris D. Klein BM3 1987-1989 KLEINCHRIS (AT)  
DD-987 Richard Collins E-6 1979-1983 rcollins (AT) Plank owner / OS2 / Operations
DD-987 Richard Comer DS1(SW) 07/91 - 08/94 recomer (AT)  
DD-987 Wayne Cox GSE3 09/91 - 06/94 crrnut (AT) She's gone now. Sunk on August 06, 2008 by the USS Stout
DD-987 Robert Daas ET2 11/80 - 1/84 rdaasfla (AT)  
DD-987 Mark Dammer GMC(SW) 02/85 - 10/88 mdammer (AT)  
DD-987 Robert Daniels GM2 04/00 - 03/03 mk45gunner (AT)  
DD-987 Welch David HN 07/88-07/91 David.Welch (AT) From Deck to NX...all (well mostly) great guys..
DD-987 Christopher Day OS2 95-98 (AT) Good thing I never signed the extension before I got there.
DD-987 Chris Detje E-6 Jan 99-Jul 03 detje (AT) Served on USS OLDENDORF 91-95
DD-987 Chris Ely STG3 1/85 - 6/87 chrisely66 (AT) Anyone remember Girbralter, Bahrain, Suez?
DD-987 Roque Faundez ICFN/E-3 10/93-11/95 tete2000_07032 (AT) Greatest ship on the fleet.Farewell O'Bannon will never 4get
DD-987 Barry Fitzgerald SM3 1979-1983 mailmanc4 (AT) plankowner
DD-987 Jody Fitzmaurice GSM2 8/84-7/89 jodfit (AT)  
DD-987 Michael Foti E-3 5/87-9/89 cofo101 (AT) cribbage anyone?
DD-987 Chuck Francis STGCS (SW) 1989 to 1992 chucky (AT) Great Shipmates and Tour
DD-987 Gus Fredrickson BM2(SW) 1996-1998 g_fredrickson (AT)  
DD-987 James Gatlin BM3 88-91 gatlinjs (AT) BM/MR
DD-987 Joseph Grief E-4 5/90 - 10/93 Griefer29 (AT) Ahh, the memories. Trying to get in touch with some of you sea dogs.
DD-987 James Griffin, Jr. CPO 5/87 - 1/90 welldigger2002 (AT)  
DD-987 Charlie Grisby RMCS/E-8 09/94-02/98 GRISBY26 (AT) Completed Middle East Force 95-2 8.5 months
DD-987 Ira Helton GSEC(sw) 07/79 - 12/81 irajak (AT) plank owner
DD-987 Brenda Hipps FC1 7/04 - 8/05 bshipps (AT)  
DD-987 Chad Huesman OS2 1994 to 1998 navyred987 (AT) What ever happened to Senior Chief Sprinkles?
DD-987 Bart Iskra E-4 5/93-5/96 iskra98 (AT)  
DD-987 Michael ''Tony'' Jackson RM2 1981-1985 bldgdept (AT) I was on the old girl during NATO/WATC/MED/Maine Shipyard
DD-987 Chris Jenkins RM2 (SW) 1983-1987 nashrfmc (AT)  
DD-987 Mitchell Johnson STG2 12/79-6/83 mickj (AT)  
DD-987 Timothy Jones BM3 1991 to 1995 tj2431 (AT) Contact me anytime via my email address.
DD-987 Henry Krog MR1 04/00-02/04 henry.krog (AT) Lot of GOOD people. Hell of crew.
DD-987 James Mailman OS1(SW) 06/87 - 06/92 jmailman (AT) Learned alot on and met some great people.
DD-987 Andrew Matthews FN 12/79 - 3/81 tractor325 (AT) Plankowner a gang
DD-987 John Melonides LT 10/85 - 12/89 jmelonid (AT) Rep aboard aft shipyard-eng inspection day the Challenger blew up-CG Ops,Suez Can,Djibouti,Bahrain.
DD-987 Matthew Meslimen EN2 07/19/03-08/19/05 matthew.meskimen (AT) decom crew
DD-987 Richard Michi BMSN 12/93 - 09/1995 Micrlm (AT)  
DD-987 Joe Milburn STG3 04/81-12/83 joe_milburn (AT)  
DD-987 Louis Morales PN2(SW) 1986 to 1988 moraleslj (AT) It was an adventure and more.
DD-987 James Murphy GMG1 1985-1990 j-murf (AT)  
DD-987 Michael Neff DCC 5/85-7/90 grumpyolbear2004 (AT)  
DD-987 Tim Niehoff DK3 1984 to 1986 hoffer8 (AT) I'm back in Maine......look me up! I met my wife (AT) The Max!
DD-987 Pete Parnell CMDCM/E9 08/2003 - 08/2005 hmcmparnell (AT) A Great tour
DD-987 Reynaldo Peel GMG2 9/84 to 11/89 skyliner32vspec (AT) To all of my former shipmates onboard the USS O'bannon DD-987 between the years of 1988 thru 1989.I just want you all to know that our crew at that time was the best ever.Especially under the command of CDR.Slocum,W.Scott and LCDR.Hicks it wasn't just a c
DD-987 Mark Pianka MS3 11/81-7/84 mark.pianka (AT) deck/mess/retired US.ARMY
DD-987 Jackson Plant QM3 7/91-3/94 jacksonplant (AT) Retired CTR1(SW) in 2008. I live with my wife in Hawaii now.
DD-987 Hal Reichart GSM2 5/86 - 9/90 cinny8414 (AT)  
DD-987 Howard Reynolds SK2 7/86/10/89 howard.reynolds (AT)  
DD-987 William Ridgeway EM1(SW) 7/91-7/93 emcridge (AT) Had a great tour, especially on Baltops 92, when we visited Severomorsk and Murmansk. Made EMC(SW) 1995.
DD-987 Joel Robertson RM1(SW) 1979 - 1983 nsrengineer (AT) RMCS(SW) Retired - Enjoyed sailing in her very much
DD-987 Duane Robinson E-4 10/83-1/87 duanedeb (AT) E-Division
DD-987 Regino Rostrata E-6 12/79-82 reginorostrata (AT) N/a
DD-987 Steve Ruhd OS2 96-98 rumdumswede (AT) Anyone ever hear from Sprinkles or Lt Moe
DD-987 Mike Saye RM2 1979-1983 hzmt1 (AT) Met some great people on the OB
DD-987 Dave Schutz ET2 Plankowner 12/79 - 2/82 daveschutz (AT) Mostly worked radio
DD-987 Charles Shedd BM3 1991 to 1992 chshedd (AT) Like to hear from old friends WETSU
DD-987 Tom Smith STGCS(SW) 12/79-06/84 tom.smithjr (AT) To all my plankowner buddies sure would like to hear from you. God Bless!!! Tom
DD-987 Nick Smith BM2 5/87-1/91 headshot300 (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates on the O'B!!
DD-987 Paul Smith GSM3 08/88-06/91 paul.d.smith (AT)  
DD-987 Ken Spanswick YN2 1979 to 1983 spanswic (AT) YNCM-Kenneth.L.Spanswick (AT) CNET.Navy.Mil
DD-987 Greg Spivey OS2 1985 to 1990 greg_spivey (AT)  
DD-987 Jerry Spohn BM1(SW) 3/91 - 3/95 navret1977 (AT) ya anyone that served with me please contact me also were is chief gellett
DD-987 Larry Steelman EN2 05/86- 12/89 larrysteelman (AT)  
DD-987 Allen Stone GSM9 9/88-9/92 allenstone (AT) Just trying to reach you me .........
DD-987 Donald Taylor LT 1984-1986 dtaylor55 (AT) CIC Officer
DD-987 Timothy Thomason GSM3 4/88-4/91 (AT)  
DD-987 Michael Van Dorn GM1 1997 to 2000 vandorn.mike (AT) CG Division best on ship.
DD-987 Tony Varga QM2(SW) 1984 to 1988 varganthony (AT) I'd love to hear from the best crew that ever sailed the high seas.
DD-987 Sarah Vogel Cti 3 1997 Svogel (AT)  
DD-987 Jim Weber GSEC 2/95-11/96 Topsnipe1 (AT) Made chief here, and I had some of the best engineers in my entire career on this ship
DD-987 Paul Whichard LT 05/88-11/92 michael.whichard (AT)  
DD-987 Joe Whittaker FC3 2002-2004 grainbinbob (AT)  
DD-987 Timothy Wolfe EN4 8/89-6/93 seethewolfepack (AT) looking for EN1 Patterson
DD-987 William Yost DK1(SW/AW) 06/98-07/02 william.yost1 (AT) Great Crew. Hope all are well.
DDE450 Jack K. Patterson BT3 1959-1960 jkbpatt (AT) Nick name Pat good ship good crew
DDE-450 Phillip Ackerman MM2 4/55-8/58 shellback57 (AT) after engineroom
DDE-450 Bruce Baker SN 8/60 to 6/63 bruceandkatebaker (AT) i would like to hear from any shipmates who served aboard at this time.
DDE-450 John 'Jack' Banks MM3 1958-1962 jackpot (AT)  
DDE-450 Tom Banner MM2 1953-1956 tbannersr (AT) It would be nice to hear from old crew members.
DDE-450 Gerald Barla PN3 9/1956 - 9/1959 jbarla (AT) Played on ship softball team -stationed in Pearl Harbor
DDE-450 James Barry MM1 1953 1955 jwbarry529 (AT)  
DDE-450 Albert Beaupre RM2 1957-59 chiefsplace (AT) Retired RMC(SS)
DDE-450 Donald Bell TM3 1960 to 1964 dingdong (AT) ret.1987 live in fla in law enforcement ha ha
DDE-450 Larry Bernard   10/58-9/61 lber2787 (AT) She was a great ship...fastest one in her class. Have had several dreams of being aboard.
DDE-450 George Biles ENS 9/56-3/58 Biles (AT) Great ship - great crew
DDE-450 John Bradley RD1 1950-1951 cjgr31 (AT) Still alive and proud to be an American!!
DDE-450 B. Dean Brown QM2 11/53-6/56 deabro (AT) Still and always a can do'' O'Bannon man.''
DDE-450 James Camp EM3 1959-1961 jimcmp (AT)  
DDE-450 Warren Case TE3 03/52 - 10/53 wcase (AT) Looking for information on Emileo Mendoza, radio man
DDE-450 George Cicairos MM3 1952- 1955 cicairosgeorge5 (AT) just want to knew about the obannon ! and hear from crew mem
DDE-450 Grover Bob Cloninger MM3 5/58 to 5/62 g bob cloninger (AT) gmail . com after engine room/got in hawaii
DDE-450 Rich Colburn EM3 1963-1965 mrcoffee (AT)  
DDE-450 Clarence Cook BM3 1952-1954 chcook (AT) Would like to make contact with anyone aboard O'Bannon during
DDE-450 Robert Cummings   1953 dnttaylor (AT) Deceased. Daughter would like to type to someone who knew him.
DDE-450 Charlie DeCoste EM2 2/52 - 10/54 deccb (AT) like to contact JJ O'Connor and any one from the elect or IC gang
DDE-450 Donald Derr SO3 5/52-5/55 donderr32 (AT) Moody,Peterson,Berry-made HBomb Test,Australia Trip-COs Jarman & Maddox-best friend Richard Bowen
DDE-450 Richard (Dick) Eggleston FT2 7/60 - 12/62 eggnest (AT) This a memorable time of my life. Bitched about it but loved it too.
DDE-450 Robert Eggleston FTG2 12/60 - 12/62 bpegg (AT)  
DDE-450 James Fellers SFM2 1960 to1964 kimo3043 (AT) Home for 3 years 8 months
DDE-450 James Filo S1 12/50 - 8/52 blemons (AT) Hi, everybody. Whose taking care of your laundry now ?
DDE-450 Tommy Fisher MM3 1959-1962 tomfisher (AT) worked in the fwd engine room
DDE-450 William Gates MM3 1960 to 1963 billwvg (AT) it,s been a long time ago, but maybe some one leaft from the aft engine room.
DDE-450 Dave Geddes RM3 1957 tinker52 (AT) was on cruise to Australia great trip on great ship with a great skipper
DDE-450 James Griffith BM3 1952-1956 jgriff466 (AT) Want to get information of shipmates during Operation Ivy.
DDE-450 Robert Hainzer MR3 1958 to 1960 brh44 (AT) Address Somerset, Pa.
DDE-450 Jim Holshouser PN3 1953 -1954 jholshouser (AT) Lt. Levine was Executive Officer.
DDE-450 John Hughes RM2 1957-1959 jw4240 (AT) OB is #1 of all my duty stations!!!
DDE-450 Grant Jenkins RD3 2/51-11/53 GrantJenkins (AT) None
DDE-450 William Jones RD2 52-55 wjones-1 (AT)  
DDE-450 Grady Jones, Jr. GM3 1957 to 1960 jones grady56 (AT) the best gun crew on the ship mount 51
DDE-450 Clarence Lange RD3 Jan 56 to Aug 59 clarence (AT) Capt Bernard-greatest skipper you could have served under.Charles stew McKenzie (ops officer) was a sailor's sailor
DDE-450 John Leith Lt(MC)USNR 7/57 - 7/59 jdleith (AT)  
DDE-450 Ramon Lopez SN 1961-1964 rlop3 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates that served during 1961-64
DDE-450 Mac Mac Neill MM3 11/60 to 3/63 myredcomet (AT) Home Phone (480) 242-6929
DDE-450 Lionel Madrid RM3 1956 to 1958 madridla (AT) Hoping to contact old OC Div shipmates
DDE-450 Guy McAdam FT 9/59 - 6/63 guymcadam (AT)  
DDE-450 Richard McGill TM3 11/58 to 9/61 richardmc (AT) PHONE, 210-657 1983
DDE-450 Dennis McNeill MM3 9/55-8/58 dennis.mcneill (AT) Interested in hearing from old shipmates
DDE-450 George Mendoza SN 12/56-10/57 g.mendoza (AT) Very good ship
DDE-450 John Menechino PN3 1953-1955 johnphil5 (AT)  
DDE-450 James Moncrief MM3 12/54 -6/57 weretired2 (AT) Would like to hear from any who were aboard at this time
DDE-450 John Murphy SN 1/56-9/59 John M. Murphy (AT) Phone (B)407-812-7757, (H)407-695-7935
DDE-450 Ernest ''Bud'' Norman RD3 5/52-8/54 bdnorman (AT)  
DDE-450 William L. Olson MSCS 4/58- 5/62 olsonbills (AT) My Brother Albert taugh me how to cook, That is how I got started as a cook, retired after 26 1/2 years.
DDE-450 Albert H. Olson CSSN 1/57-6/60 ollie4042 (AT) Crossed the Equator Twice in my time aboard. Served as a Cook.
DDE-450 Albert (Big Ollie) Olson CSSN 06/57-06/60 ollie4042 (AT) Best years of my life-my brother came aboard in 58-were ships cooks-it was a blast-can still see things we did
DDE-450 Dennis Prater SOG2 6/60 to 10/63 stampcar (AT) Looking for Sonarman from 60 to 63.
DDE-450 John Radonich GM3 1959-1960 NoE-mail 638 Tamarack Dr. Union City CA 94587
DDE-450 Rodney A. Ramsey, Jr. ET2 12/50 to 8/53 ramrod (AT)  
DDE-450 Roger Reeves SM2 6/58-8/61 dunroven (AT)  
DDE-450 Edward Ries BMCM/P-1 9/59-12/61 fishned (AT)  
DDE-450 Stan Ritchie YN3 01/55-01/57 stangolf (AT) looking forward to seeing shipmates at any reunion
DDE-450 Ralph Roach SM3 1954-1956 rwr6836 (AT) I am secretary of the USS O'Bannon Shipmates Ass'n which also includes DD 987.
DDE-450 Philip Robinson RM3 9/53 - 12/54 philipa925 (AT) Any Radiomen that were on board when I was ?
DDE-450 George Roe FT3 1954-1958 g-roe (AT) like to hear from old shipmates
DDE-450 Damon Shepherd EM2 1957 - 1960 shepsan (AT) Loved Westpac, hated Hawaii.
DDE-450 Ronald Shirley FT2 11957 to 1961 clyde678 (AT) In charge of secondary battery MK-56
DDE-450 Richard Tallman YNSN 12/57/10/58 rwt0763 (AT)  
DDE-450 Thomas Tomandl TM2 1961-1962 ttomandl (AT)  
DDE-450 John Trow SO2 1957 jtrow (AT) Was aboard on the trip to Australia across equator 1957
DDE-450 Gary Wager YN3 1/54-1/56 GWAGER (AT) would love to hear from old shipmates
DDE-450 Donald Walter BT2 1956 to 1959 dmwalter89 (AT)  
DDE-450 Robert Weigele RD3 09/60 - 09/64 rcweigele (AT) E-mail me, I'd like to hear from you
DDE-450 Bill Weigele RD1 12/58-6/61 billweigele (AT) Made 2 Wes Pac cruises
DDE-450 Charles L. White RD3 1955-1958 stuckchuck (AT)  
DDE-450 Richard Wilhelm RD2 1957 r.w.will (AT)  
DDE-450 Don Wyatt FT2 1959 - 1962 DonWyat (AT)  

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